1. Elfenboogie EP

  2. Storm In A Teacup EP
    Fargo Devianti & Vongold

  3. Rock'n Roll Station (Azaria & Alvaro Cabana Rework)
    Rotten City Edits

  4. Revenge Of The Fallen EP
    Yasha F

  5. Menergy (Nathan Joy Edit)
    Rotten City Edits

  6. Kinda Happy, Sorta Sad EP
    Marko East

  7. The Nest EP

  8. Dance For Once EP

  9. The Sound Of Silence - MI.RO (Rework)
    Rotten City Edits

  10. Cold Relic EP

  11. Do Carry On (Unreleased Instrumental Versions) - Bandcamp Exclusive.
    Damon Jee & Snem K.

  12. Chukraut Western EP

  13. All Right (SCADTA Edit)
    Rotten City Edits

  14. Rotten Citizens Vol.4
    Various Artists

  15. No Me Gusta
    Catz n' Dogz & Bawrut & Alvaro Cabana

  16. Rotten Citizens Vol.3 Remixes

  17. Rotten City Edits Compilation Vol.1

  18. Lost Tracks From The Vault
    Daniel Kyo

  19. Samarkanda EP (Digital Release).
    Cannibal Ink

  20. Now We're Ready To Spend
    Vox Low

  21. You Know What Happen

  22. Particle Decay EP
    Kid Who

  23. III Years Of Rotten City (Greatest Hits)

  24. III Years Of Rotten City (Greatest Misses)

  25. Panic - (MI.RO Edit)
    Rotten City Edits

  26. It's A Dinosaur EP
    Middle Sky Boom

  27. Channa Six EP (Digital Release Version)
    Dj Rocca

  28. Drunk Like A Cowboy (w/ Mytron & Ofofo Remix)
    Roe Deers

  29. Fantástica Mujer (Ketiov & Alvaro Cabana Edit)
    Rotten City Edits

  30. Rotten Citizens Vol.3

  31. Dear Humans
    Damon Jee & Snem K

  32. A Ground In The Hole (Damon Jee Instrumental Remix)

  33. Ashes To Ashes (Tyu Remix)
    Rotten City Edits

  34. Rotten City Trax #01
    Daniel Kyo

  35. Gone (Curses 'Dubstrumental' Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!

  36. No Future EP

  37. Samarkanda EP
    Cannibal Ink

  38. Good Jokes, Bad Producers EP

  39. Rotten Citizens Vol.2 Remixes

  40. Lost Memories EP

  41. Channa Six EP (w/ MR TC & Justin Robertson Remixes)
    Dj Rocca

  42. Sweet Redemption (Dub Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD!
    Iron Blu Feat. Rock Serling

  43. Rotten Citizens Vol.2

  44. 7th Life
    Gatos Negros

  45. Straight Edge Dance EP

  46. Rotten Citizens Vol.1 Remixes

  47. Overdrive (Jamie Paton Instrumental Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD!
    Gatos Negros

  48. Overdrive EP
    Gatos Negros

  49. Bedroom Square EP (w/ Timothy J. Fairplay Remix)
    A Jokers Bizarre

  50. Rotten Citizens Vol.1
    Kieran Holden / JackWasFaster / Gameboyz / Cabaret Nocturne

  51. Deus Ex Machina
    Gatos Negros

  52. Malice Of Absence (w/ Red Axes Feat. Yovav & Richard Sen Remixes)
    Tronik Youth


Rotten City Records Madrid, Spain

Themes For Rotten Cities since 2015.

Psychedelic Wave / Esoteric Body Music / Romantic Noir Disco

Based In Madrid.

Run by Alvaro Cabana.

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